The first image is the finished product with thick & gloss. All other images are the product with thin & matte finish.


Normal oblique holder


Flange : Bullock Flange (Nickel silver or Brass gold)
Wood : Japanese cypress
Length : About 16.5cm
Weight : About 8g


Thin finish doesn't impair the feel of wood, but there is a possibility that dirt such as ink adheres. On the other hand, thick finish loses the feel of wood, but dirt doesn't adhere.

Dyed Hinoki

Finish (塗装)
Holder type (ストレートまたはオブリーク)
Flange color (straight holder is only silver)
  • This product will be made after receiving an order. Therefore it will take about a week to complete. I will ship your holder when the product is completed. Thank you for your understand.

  • 1枚目の画像は厚いグロスの塗装を施したものになります。それ以外は薄いマットの塗装になります。それぞれの違いについてはspecialページをご覧ください。



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