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This color holder allows you to choose between two finishes. You can purchase "a matte finish" on this page. If you want to buy a matte finish, please buy it from another page.


Flange : Bullock Flange (Brass gold only)

Length : About 16cm

Weight : About 8g


-Please Note-

The actual color may be slightly different from the image. This product will be made after receiving an order. Therefore it will take about a week to complete. I will ship your holder when the product is completed. Thank you for your understand.

Milk Paint Color Holder -Gloss Finish-

  • このホルダーは色の選択に加えて、マットまたはグロスの塗装を選択できます。グロスは今までのカラーホルダーと同じく表面がツルツルとした厚い塗膜で、マットの方はサラサラとした感触で反射が控えめな塗料を塗りっぱなしにしたものになります。

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