Ergonomic Oblique Pen Holder



Finish:Gloss finish




This holder has an ergonomic shape with a preset grip. Only one grip is supported. Please refer to the last image on the product page.


The flowers and resin used here may be slightly discolored by ultraviolet rays, so please refrain from storing them under direct sunlight as much as possible.


If the surface becomes cloudy due to fingerprints, etc. during use, apply a small amount of liquid compound to a fine cloth used for cleaning eyeglasses and wipe it off.

Pink & Orange ~Flower Rains~

  • こちらのホルダーは握り方が予め設定されたエルゴノミック形状になっています。一定の握り方にのみ対応していて、抱え込んだりするようなタイプには扱いづらい場合がありますのでご注意ください。