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​I'm Hideaki from TAKI-crafts

It's been a few years since I discovered calligraphy, and although it's still early days, I'm currently producing and selling holders by hand.

When I started learning calligraphy, I used a plastic holder, but I wanted to use something more original, so I searched around.

However, I didn't know what would suit me, so I thought I'd try making one for myself, and that's how I started making holders.

Until now, we have mainly sold to overseas customers, and thanks to that, we have received various opinions and have made improvements.

There are almost no people who are making holders in Japan, so we have had a lot of trial and error to find out what we don't know.

Since I am in the position of making a tool, I must master the tool and understand the position of the user, so I am learning to write, although I am mostly self-taught, and I hope to hold workshops in the near future.

There are many designs that I would like to make, but in the current situation where calligraphy is spreading in Japan, I would like to work with everyone to create better products and make holders that can be used by many people.

I think that there are still some things I can't reach, but I would like to act in my own way so that I can help spread calligraphy.

We look forward to helping you with your calligraphy days.

​宮瀧 英明

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