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About Round Flange

Here, I will explain the round flange holder that can be used in various ways with just one.

By using ferrule that were mainly for straight, oblique and both handedness are also supported.

I will explain how to use it in the details below, so if you plan to use it, please read the explanation in advance.


How to use

For more information on how to use the flange, please refer to this video.

If you are planning to use this holder, please take a look at that page in advance.



It can be used both straight and oblique by adopting ferrule.

In addition, when using it as an oblique holder, it is now possible to handle both left and right handed.

You can also attach a pencil, which is convenient for practice, so it is recommended for those who want to use it casually.




In this holder, the parts to be handled are separated, so you need to be careful not to lose them when storing them.

- Parts list -

Ferrule, Brass flange, Spacer,

Pen nibs, Pencils, Ballpoint pen refills, etc.


Difference from multi-flange

It is a multi-flange that can also be used as a straight and an oblique, but the oblique is not compatible with both dominant hands and cannot be used with pencils.

It is easy to store because there are few parts to handle. Please select according to your usage environment.​

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