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About Multi Flange

In my store, I have sold straight and oblique holders.

While making various holders, I thought it would be useful to have a flange that combines straight and oblique, so I decided to make and sell it for the first time.

I will explain how to use the multi-flange and its Pros and Cons, so if you plan to use that holder, please see the explanation below.



How to use

For more information on how to use the flange, please refer to this page.

If you are planning to use this holder, please take a look at that page in advance.



The greatest advantage of this flange is that it can be used for both straight and oblique style.

The oblique flange here do not use screws, so you can easily swap nibs.

It is suitable for those who use a variety of fonts, writing styles, and nibs.




This flange does not have the round space that the bullock flange has, so a crowquill nib cannot be used.

The pen holder has a cutout, so you will need to adjust the position yourself where the cutout is not in the way when you grip it.

You need to touch the flange when replacing the nib, which can quickly become dirty.



Since the straight holder can be held in different ways during use, such as by twisting the holder or gripping it more toward the tip, it is recommended that this flange be ordered with a straight or narrow-headed grip instead of the usual dimpled grip.

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