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Special Holder

All holders featured here will be sold as custom-ordered items.

The first of these holders using urushi, a traditional Japanese material, will be sold exclusively in tranceparent urushi.

How to order

For this holder, you can choose one of the five main designs and specify the thickness of the grip section and the length of the holder, respectively.

Please note when filling out the order form that the price depends on the type of flange (straight, oblique or multi).

To place an order, please fill out this order form, and I will send you an invoice by e-mail with confirmation of the completed production.

For more information on the multi-flange, which is adopted for the first time from this sale, please see this page.


The "FUKI" in the name of this holder is taken from the name of the work process in Japanese. Here is a part of the process.


A mixture of urushi and kerosene is applied first and then allowed to dry.


Urushi is mixed with whetstone powder and water and then applied to the holder to smooth the surface of the wood.

After this, wait 1~2 days for it to dry.


Using only urushi, apply it to the entire surface, wipe it off, and let it dry.

The process for this part is repeated three or four times to complete the process.


Due to the need to work on the various processes described above over several days, it takes about two weeks from the time the order is placed to the time of completion.

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