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Please refer to the video below.

How to use straight style

When used as a straight holder, the nibs are attached at the point where the break in the ferrule is at the top.

You can fit the ferrule into the holder first, or you can fit the pen nibs into the holder after attaching the ferrule first.

If the protrusion of the ferrule is in the cutout of the holder, the ferrule may remain loose even after it has been inserted.

If the ferrule is loose, avoid the slit and attach it to the holder.

If the cutout of the holder hits your finger when you grip it, please change the position where the ferrule is inserted and adjust it to where it does not interfere with your own grip.

How to use oblique style

First, fit the ferrule into the holder's slit.

Apart from that, insert the nib into the oblique flange and clamp it at the desired depth.


Insert each of the prepared fittings into each other along the holder slit.

Here, there is a point to be noted in the position where the oblique flange is inserted.

As when using a straight holder, the position for insertion is between the body and the claws.

When pulling out and inserting the flange, avoid direct contact with it by using a tissue or the like, so that the flange will be less likely to get dirty.

When returning to the straight type, pull out the flange and adjust the position of the ferrule referring to the usage of the straight type.

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