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From November 2022, the sales method will be changed, so if you are going to use my shop in the future, please read it.

Clarify where you can buy

So far, I have run the shop on this website and Etsy.

​Originally, Etsy was used for overseas customers, but now domestic customers also use it frequently.

However, from the end of 2022, I have changed the price notation on Etsy to US dollars for the purpose of separating and organizing each customer's information and considering the recent exchange rate situation.

Please choose a shop to buy goods according to where you live.

Clarify how sales are announced

Up until now, sales announcements have been made on the website with rough sales dates, and on Instagram, the information has been updated at the same time as the sales start.

With this format, there was a situation where people who could not confirm the information at that time could not purchase it, so I will change it as follows, although it is a slight change.


・Announce what will be sold on that day on Instagram stories a few hours before the sales start

・30 minutes before the start of sales, post the product as an image on Instagram

​・Sales start at each shop 30 minutes after posting the image

Shipping fee for Japan will change

For domestic customers, I have been accepting orders for free shipping if you choose simple packaging, and 300 JPY shipping if you choose wooden box.

Due to the change in the price of packing materials used for wooden boxes, I have changed the shipping fee to 600 JPY when choosing a wooden box.

Simple packaging is still available for free shipping, so if you want to reduce shipping costs for personal use, please use that.

Risk of duplicate purchases

I use two shops for normal sales, but the same one-of-a-kind products are also posted on each page at the same time.

This method may cause the same product to be ordered by each shop.

Until now, I have not had such a problem because I quickly sorted out the order information and changed the product information each time. In the unlikely event that something happens in the future, please note that I will cancel the order or make a new one and ship it at a later date to customers who ordered late.

Considering Notification Service

Currently, I only use Instagram for real-time information updates, but I often receive requests to be notified when sales start.

​Some people use my shop through the Etsy app to receive notifications.

For such people, I'm considering a regular subscription service for those who have registered their e-mail address on the website.

Basically, I'm planning to operate it for the purpose of notifying what kind of holders will be sold and when in the future.

It is necessary to create information for both domestic and international markets, and I may not be able to operate the service on my own. Therefore, I will carefully consider it and let you know here when the service can be started.

Scheduled to start custom orders

Holders for regular sales are sold at the shop on the website and on Etsy, and I'm currently accepting custom orders only for color holders. From the end of 2022, I plan to start selling holders limited to custom orders on a special page on this website.

Please note that this item is not listed on the regular sales page.

Information will be updated on the top page of the website, so please wait for a while until the update.

That's all for this announcement.

Thank you for checking this page.

We will inform you again if there are any new changes.

Please look forward to the holders that will be sold in the future.

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