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~ About straight holder ~

Here, I will explain how to use the straight holder and points to note.


The ferrule I use when making the straight holder is the same as those of the pen holders that are generally sold.

When using it, usually attach the pen nib to the position of the cut part of the metal fittings on the upper side of the one in the image.


As shown in the image, fix so that the cut part of the ferrule is in the center of the pen nib.
Due to the structure of the metal fittings, the position of the cut is the most flexible and makes it easy to insert the pen nib.
Conversely, the other side is the tightest, so if it feels loose, try inserting it on that side.


If you want to remove the ferrule because they are dirty and hard to remove, use a minus screwdriver or similar to lift the metal fittings using the principle of leverage, and then use pliers to remove them.

At my shop, I mainly sell oblique holders, but I also manufacture and sell straight holders depending on your needs, so if you are interested, please feel free to contact me.

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